Cloud of Cholesterol

Сholesterol. Immediately shrill alarm with many bells. That’s the substance that is responsible for clogged arteries and heart attacks, which is why many doctors often recommended to lower cholesterol so called statins. But cholesterol is not as bad as is often assumed, but it’s, however even used by the body. What is Cholesterol at all? What makes cholesterol so important for our body? And what about HDL and LDL cholesterol?Cholesterol Continue reading Cloud of Cholesterol

All about Green smoothie

Even the comic books heroes of our youth have led the way: Whenever danger threatened in default, the druid Getafix touches its made of green leaves and herbs potion to support his unyielding Gallic village in the fight against the Romans with magical powers. Even Popeye the sailor fell back on the tried and tested box spinach to inflate his muscles when needed.Green smoothie Continue reading All about Green smoothie

Myths about chocolate

Sweets make you fat. This wisdom have been etched in the minds of the people and it’s also right per se. The high sugar content transforms the goodies in true energy bombs that despite a high number of calories hardly have nutrients and thus bring our energy budget duly out of joint. When this “sugar bomb” combined with too little exercise, a high Sweets suggests consumption sooner or later often detrimental to our weight and thus harms the cardiovascular system.Сhocolate Continue reading Myths about chocolate