About sense and nonsense of pills and supplements

Dietary supplements omnipresent in our society: not only in pharmacies but also in drugstores – and even at discount stores – there a wide range of pills and Pulverchen. The print ads in Fitness magazines makes big promises and would almost convince a reader that with the right product everything works as mind of its own: Lose weight? Bring on the “fat burners”! More muscles? In this review article you learn the most important thing about food supplements: what is worth and what you can do better? In the first half about some essential nutrients such as vitamins, which today are no longer optimal care for us. In the second part of the article deals with the question of whether supplements can help you faster achieve your personal fitness goals.supplements Continue reading About sense and nonsense of pills and supplements

Five tips for healthy eating on the road

A healthy diet requires a reasonable level of self-discipline and requires the inclined Sweets lovers or junk food trailers regularly high sacrifice. As the abandonment of unhealthy and industrially processed foods were not already hard enough, makes all too often the (professional) everyday for additional obstacles in the fight against the many temptations. Especially in combination with regular business trips, threatens in case of stressful jobs so quickly to end the already challenging task of a healthy diet in a fiasco. The following five simple tips, we tell you how you can despite the time difference, time pressure and reach the constant on the axis yet be your goals for nutrition, and how to job and health be reconciled.healthy eating Continue reading Five tips for healthy eating on the road

Water consumption and our daily needs

The human body consists of more than half of water. The exact number varies according to gender, age, body weight and muscle mass or fat. The adult mens proportion is, for example 60%. Only this fact shows how important water is for the human body. But how much water you should drink daily and what are the consequences of a loss-making fluid intake for the body?Water Continue reading Water consumption and our daily needs

COPD: result of smoking

COPD the Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is also referred to as the “great unknown sister of asthma”. Formerly known as “smoker’s lung” designated disease is one of the most common diseases. Meanwhile, it’s number four through the most common causes of death in US. In New York alone, a quarter of a million people have been already affected.COPD Continue reading COPD: result of smoking

Problematic of our skin and rules of care

It is the largest human organ, just under two square meters and weighs around 15 kilos. It protects our body against external influences, such as chemical agents, UV rays, microorganisms. As a metabolic organ skin separates sweat and sebaceous glands of pollutants, regulates body temperature. Your pain helps the body to take immediate countermeasures for pain. Numerous sensors on the skin allow the over vital for us touch. But they must also be protected. Sun, tattoos and other influences left their mark. Experts explain that our skin does everything and gives tips on how to get it healthy.Skin Continue reading Problematic of our skin and rules of care