Dealing with alcohol

Alcohol – addiction or pleasure?

Alcohol enjoys wide acceptance in our society, not least because it is in this country legally. The fact that nevertheless is a drug that is forgotten. Dancing, football matches, open air festivals or parties you can not imagine without alcohol. They belong to each other seemingly simple and the selection of mixed drinks is huge. Who does not drink alcohol, is regarded as stuffy, because alcohol makes fun and easy and also helps while relaxing.Alcohol Continue reading Dealing with alcohol

Colon cancer – the silent threat

Around 70,000 people are diagnosed with colon cancer every year in US. This is makes it the third most common cancer after breast and prostate cancer. What makes it so particularly dangerous: it has no symptoms in its early stages and is often only discovered when the disease is already well advanced. This cancer is often curable if it is detected early enough.Colon cancer Continue reading Colon cancer – the silent threat

Alternatives to joint replacement: treat hip pain minimally invasive

Pain or restricted movement in the hips are one of the most common reasons why patients visit their orthopedists. In approximately 220,000 cases per year result in discomfort in the hip in US used an artificial hip joint. What many patients do not know: There is a whole range of joint-preserving treatment methods. Joint replacement Continue reading Alternatives to joint replacement: treat hip pain minimally invasive